Green House Plans

“What Are My Green House Plans Options?”

The Growing Green Trend
Green house plans have taken on a whole new meaning in the last few years. If you had spoken those words just 10 years ago it would have brought to mind a steel frame structure with glass panels used for the sole purpose of growing plants.

Now the term plans includes any type of design that is deemed to be energy efficient. In a very loose manner of speaking, making changes to existing houses that reduces energy usage by a good percentage is now being considered as meeting “green” standards. 

Making Your Home Green Can Be Simple
Since green has become the norm in the building industry, even mechanical products such as central air and heating units, water heaters, and all manner of other heating systems have been forced to improve their function to meet the energy usage requirements.

That is not a bad thing, because the end result will mean a cheaper lifestyle for you. Green house plans help further that goal of living with less expense month per month. It is not as difficult to achieve as you might think. 

In fact, just watch this video interview below to see how simple and cost-effective achieving an energy-efficient home can be…

Energy Efficient Plan Options Abound
When you start thinking about, and looking for, efficient house plans, you will be amazed at how many different items pop up on the Internet. Green architecture is common.

Panel homes will be somewhere in the mix, as well as SIP homes. Please do not confuse panel homes with SIP homes when you are looking around for building components to go into your energy efficient house plans.

There are many differences between panel homes and SIP homes which I will cover in much more detail found elsewhere on this website. They are two of my favorite topics in residential design so you can rest assured I will cover them extensively.

Even More Options – Just Less Common
Another category in green house plans is becoming very popular: modular house plans or manufactured home floor plans. College students studying architecture design and green building have gone as far as turning railroad storage containers into individual residences! When it comes to manufactured products, even houses do not escape the imagination of designers.

Floor plans for modular houses or manufactured homes are generally not as freely available as your typical green house plans. Why? Most of the designs are kept in-house because the manufacturers want you to buy the whole thing and not build something on your own.

Caution: Hold Onto Your Wallet When Shopping for Plans
Don’t be fooled for a minute thinking that green house plans are going to cost you an arm and a leg for the whole building process. If I may get up on stage and preach for a minute, I will say this: be very cautious when you shop around for anything that is labeled green or eco-friendly. I think the prices for some products are highly overrated. The retailers know that, and they are feeding on the government-mandated energy efficiency requirements.

There are a lot of simple tricks and tips for turning new residential construction into a green home. Surprisingly, it can even be done while the project is under way. 

Not Only Feasible, But Practical and Rewarding
Keep on browsing through this site for more green house plans information. You will be surprised at how simple it really can be. You will be totally amazed at how little energy you actually need when your eco-friendly plans become the real thing that you live in.

As a homeowner, any savings on monthly utility bills is rewarding, and doubly so if knowing that the environment is being helped at the same time as your bank account. 

If you’re considering saving “with” green in your new home get started today with either these “Stock” Efficient House Plans or the more personalized and finely tuned Custom Home Floor Plans…