Our Guarantee

Larry’s Home Designs is the industry’s exclusive provider of the Double-Accuracy Home Design Guarantee. Our 15 years of custom planning experience, continuing education, and passion for detail results in near 97% first-time building permit approval.

Professionalism, a family-friendly atmosphere, and flexible office hours smoothly bridge client desires with contractor needs for an optimal design and building experience. Guaranteed Double Accuracy: 1. Any design changes required by a builder after construction begins due to design error; and 2. Any plan changes necessary for permit approval after the 2nd submission, are completely free.

NOTE: This just in (an unsolicited comment from a client sharing his experience of submitting plans for township approval)…

“They also passed on a compliment on your work, said you did a ‘Bang up job’ and many architects would have missed it.”
Rabbi Green (Rohr Chabad Jewish Student Center, Lancaster, PA)

How this practically benefits you:

  1. An “Industry First” guarantee on home design accuracy.

    Nowhere during our search of home designers have we ever seen a guarantee offered. Not only do we offer a guarantee on our work, we guarantee in two distinct ways.

    First, is our “Build-able Accuracy Measure”.
    If the builder needs to have something redesigned because of an error in the initial design preventing him from building it, after having been approved by the homeowner and the local municipality, Larry’s Home Designs will do any redesign work for free.

    Second, is our “Permit Approval Standard”.
    Due to the nature of the business of working with local municipalities, first-time permit submission for building approval can be sketchy at best. The reason for this is that even though you are internationally recognized residential building codes each local municipality has the right to enforce their own code policies as long as they are equal to or exceeding the international codes. This means that, even when an approval official is contacted during the design stages they do not always mention all the additional changes they require even when pushed for details. Sometimes the attitude is, “you do what you normally do, and then we well look at it and see if anything is missing.” therefore, our guarantee is offered on the second submission, and not the first. After receiving the plans back one time, it is then our responsibility for job expedience to ask all the questions needed – based upon the officials first refusal – to make sufficient changes to acquire the approval with next submission. If the 2nd submission isn’t approved we’ll make any required additional changes at our cost, not the client’s, until the building permit is obtained.

  2. 15 years of custom planning experience.

    Larry’s design skills were uniquely forged from within a construction family. Working for a boss can be difficult, but working for one’s own father is even harder. Work was never over at five o’clock and many dinnertime discussions focused on solving both design and construction problems. Dad wanted efficiency on the job site and the clients wanted what they wanted even if it took longer. Learning to blend these two differing desires satisfactorily created a special learning experience that continues to serve Larry well as he works for both the homeowner and builder to keep them happy.

  3. The benefits of continuing education.

    Larry’s Home Designs does not believed in resting on past experience by itself. Ongoing education within the home design and building industry is a tool that helps them stay on top of their craft. Staying current with industry websites and taking related courses helps them assist their clients more effectively. Even though it is not required in Pennsylvania, Larry is also in the process of becoming an officially certified and licensed Home Inspector.

  4. A passion for detail.

    In a conversation with one of our contractors, the word “accuracy” was his self-description of one of the three main reasons he doesn’t use another home designer. Larry’s creative mind rarely shuts off from home design work. Sometimes he wakes up in the middle of the night with details popping into his head that he wants to incorporate into a particular situation. Even when using a checklist to solidify a job progression in accuracy his mind continues to search out other possibilities to make things even better.

  5. Professionalism and a family-friendly atmosphere. 

    You’ve likely heard the phrase about “treating friends like family and family like friends.” This is how Larry’s Home Designs likes to operate their business and treat their clients. Getting to know our clients in a friendly and caring way about who they are as fellow human beings greatly helps to improve the overall home design work being done for them. Every attempt is made to make our clients feel comfortable and at ease while maintaining appropriate professional guidelines.

6. Flexible office hours and building bridges of understanding and compatibility. 

Typically homeowner’s and contractors have conflicting schedules when it comes to finding a good time to get together for project discussions. That is why we do not adhere to strict office hours. A cornerstone of our business is striving to be available evenings and weekends when necessary, except for Sunday’s and Christian holidays, in order to accommodate the various time frames that work best for clients. In addition to this, our third-party consulting services  enhance the overall experience by creating an atmosphere of understanding  for  everyone  involved:  the  homeowner,  the  builder,  and  the  designer. This  is  not  a requirement,  but  an  option  we regularly make available. We have no problem working with either the builder or homeowner individually, but sometimes it helps to more readily resolve design questions in a sit-down meeting together.

7. Creating an optimal design and building experience.

The quality of your design experience with us and the work we do extends over into your overall building experience. That is why each and every one of these 9 individual components is a part of our overall service to you. You get so much more than just a set of blueprints drawn up for your contractor when you choose Larry’s home designs. A home design is more than just a design by itself. It is the key component that connects a majority of the other components involved in the entire home building process. From taking our client’s initial design ideas, helping them refine those ideas based upon their immediate and long-term needs and desires, and then turning them into builder practical plans to work from we stay with the project until your new home is fully built. Whether it’s interacting with the homeowner, or any number of the contractors involved, we stay on the job not only until the job is done, but until it is done to your personal satisfaction.