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As part of my commitment to you, I like to keep my eyes peeled for products and services that will help you in your quest of completing your new home or renovation as smoothly and stress-free as possible.  No matter if they are from another industry expert, or if I’ve specially created them as a need arose. So go ahead and confidently take advantage of the resources offered below for your ultimate benefit.  Just to be upfront and keep you informed, some of these links will take you off this site.  But that’s OK with me as the intended link targets firmly have my stamp of approval. (Although obviously I cannot legally vouch for their information or results. As with anything, use your own discretion.) With that said, in my professional judgment, these products and services have been created to inform and enable you to have a better overall experience.  Any feedback is welcome if it helps a fellow traveler on this rewarding journey… Enjoy! ——

Have a sticky design issue you want to resolve while planning your new home, but aren’t ready to buy plans yet? No problem…

Larry Stauffer - owner of Larry's Home Designs

Ever wished you could have the personal input of an experienced designer before committing to buy a set of stock house plans or a custom blueprint?

Wishes DO still come true!
Simply choose the length of personal “one-on-one” time that fits your needs the most. Upon receiving your payment I’ll be in touch by email to schedule your time on the phone to answer your questions and solve those design issues you’ve been second-guessing yourself (or your spouse) about… Your Personal “Home Design Q & A Hotline” Service
  • Option 1: 30 Minute Direct Consultation
  • Option 2: 30 Minute Direct Consultation with MP3 Recording
  • Option 3: 60 Minute Direct Consultation with FREE MP3 Recording
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PS. Wait. If you like getting the best deal then click this link to get a 30 Minute Direct Consultation for FREE!! (But you’ll have to read/scroll towards the bottom of that page for the details…)
Avoid doing those mistakes experienced by some homeowners. Discover & learn the 15 Under-Utilized Home Design Strategies. It’s FREE, just click below

Want to Avoid Turning the Dream into a Nightmare when Pursuing the ‘Perfect’ Property for Your New Home?

Sometimes the things NOT said are more damaging than what actually gets said… Especially in property deals! Take full advantage of the experience gained from Marte Cliff’s illustrious 19 year career as both a real estate and then broker/owner to avoid the snares and pitfalls of buying a property. No matter whether you’re looking for land to build on or a parcel with a residence already on it, you’ll discover the ins-and-outs of deals and the things to ask that your agent may not voluntarily mention that could make or break the deal for you. Let Marte’s industry knowledge work for you in preventing potential long-term “buyer’s regret.”
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The Land Buyers Guidebook is a result of witnessing the kinds of things that happen to people when they don’t ask enough questions – and demand enough answers – before they purchase property. It was written to prevent headaches, heartaches, and financial disasters.