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Are You Ready To Turn Your Residential Floor Plans Into Reality?


What Should Full-Service Custom Home Floor Plans Give You?

» Are you eager to see your dream home take shape, from conceptual designs to tangible reality? Transitioning from residential floor plans to the actual construction process is an exciting journey that requires careful planning, collaboration, and attention to detail.

» If you’re the creative type that wants to go totally free-style with your custom home floor plans and you don’t want to “follow-the-leader” with other plans… 

» If you’re having trouble finding a pre-drawn plan that you’re both happy with and fits your needs… 

» Or if you have one in mind that will need a lot of changes… 

If that’s you, then the full dream-home design solution you’re looking for just might be right here.

Blueprints to Brilliance: Explore some of our House Plan Guides for
the Better Personalized and Custom Plans!

Here's what you get:

One-On-One Consulting Services On Your Home’s Design

You receive the full benefit of having an in-house designer discuss in great detail not only what you want and need, but how to most effectively bring it all together for your custom home floor plans results. This includes, but is far from limited to:

  • Site Placement Strategies
  • Floor Plan Layouts
  • Window Placements
  • Exterior Details
  • Interior Details
  • Lighting Benefits
  • and much, much more…

Full Drafting and Design Services

Your approved ideas are taken and turned into a complete set of construction-ready drawings. This includes detail conscious:

  • Pictorial-View Elevation Drawings
  • Foundation Plans
  • Floor Plans
  • Floor Framing Plans – if needed in critical areas
  • Cross Section Views – if needed in critical areas
  • Roof Framing Plans

Schedule-Friendly Building Code Specifications

Throughout most areas of the United States and modern world your custom home floor plans will need to be approved by the local government where you intend to build, no matter who draws them. To get approval, specifications need to be included so the building committee knows the technical details of how your home will comply with safety laws. Submission for approval almost always means paying a fee.

Time is of the essence. Resubmitting for approval, if you get denied the first time around, means extra time and money being spent that you’d rather keep to decorate your home when you finally move in.

  • Time – for the purpose of needing the changes made on your plans. 
  • Money – since most local governments charge for every project approval          meeting scheduled.

User-Friendly Construction Materials Lists (optional - upon request)

Enhancing the quality of service you receive from us, plus improving the overall home-building experience for both you and your contractor, each set of custom home floor plans includes comprehensive (but easy-to-use) lists of building materials you need.

  • Individual Placement Lists – this list clearly details every variety of materials needed as well as what it is used for. This speeds things up on the construction site.
  • By-The-Load List – this is for scheduling lumber delivery to the job site in stages as needed. This way lumber not needed for awhile won’t be getting weather-beaten.
  • Condensed Lists – this makes price shopping easy.
  • Plus, Multiple Format Options – All these materials lists are available in hard copy, PDF format via email, and Microsoft Word. Choose whichever fits your needs the best

Printing Services

Introducing Another Larry’s Home Design Exclusive!


»  7 copies of the final set of drawings:

  1 – For you, the homeowner to keep  request 3 copies upfront, then return 2 after approval)

          1 – For your local government (Keep in mind – they typically

          1 – For the foundation contractor

          1 – For your construction contractor

  • 1 – For the HVAC contractor
  • 1 – For your plumbing contractor

»  3 copies each of the construction materials lists (if requested)

    1 – For you, the homeowner

  • 1 – For the bank
  • 1 – For your constructor contractor

Unlimited Phone Follow-up

You’ve heard the phrase “It ain’t over ’til it’s over.” We didn’t coin it, but it’s a solid part of our custom home floor plans business practice!

Until the total wrap-up when the last contractor leaves the job site and you are ready to move into your personal dream home – we are just a phone call away to answer questions. Or provide advice and support over the phone for last-minute design changes that are not major.

Get started on the right path with an experienced guide helping you the whole way...

That’s precisely what these 3 steps accomplish:

  1. Lock in your position

This means getting your name on our project list which is compiled on a first-come first-served basis. As soon as you send us the nominal deposit of $500 you’ll be locked in! The deposit will be deducted from your invoice to

   2. Get your free “Dreams-To-Reality Fast Start Kit”

After locking in your position you will receive your FREE “Dreams-To-Reality Fast Start Kit.”

Just let us know how you prefer to receive it!

    3. Send your completed Fast Start Kit Forms to us 

 After you’ve completed the forms simply send them to us. Fax, regular mail, or email if you have scanning capabilities. Or drop them off in person if you’re close by. And of course you’ll want to keep a copy for your own records as well.

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